Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween costumes and role models

OMG . . . if I were a parent,
 this would be a nightmare!  

But I'm not a parent . . . so I find this cartoon hilarious :)

I'm sure the older guys will be all too happy to play
bad boy Charlie Sheen for Halloween.
  He's become a hero of sorts . . . 
nice role model, huh?

It also got me to thinking about
 Halloween costumes and role models in general.

Oddly, the first one that I thought of is the
 Richard Nixon mask that was the rage all those years ago.
  He even has the Pinocchio nose!

Wondering if the Obama mask
 will be popular this year . . .
trick or treat?

Being the dog lover that I am, my favorite
 Halloween costumes are for the dogs . . .

He's too cute!!


Diane at Tonic15 Jewelry said...

Too funny and yes, the Charlie Sheen costume would be a the dog costume!

dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio said...

Hi, thanks for following me and following you back everywhere I can find!


Anncash16 said...

Thanks for sharing this humor pics!