Friday, September 23, 2011

How Obama Ruined my Vacation

I recently went on a Vacation across the United States and met some awesome people.  Of course I took photos to remember the trip by.

In this first picture I ran into Johnny Depp.  I convinced my new buddy to dress in his Jack Sparrow outfit for a picture by the Golden Gate bridge.

What the hell??  Ok...well it is a picture of the president.

So then I went to the Grand is so majestic and awe I snapped a photo.

What the hell is this guy's problem.

Anyway, I then went to the Great Northern Plains to take some photos of the natives.  Very tough people.  It took me hours to get them to agree to pose for a group photo.

What a schmuck!!

There is a train that runs through some very cool tunnels in the Rocky Mountains outside Durango, Colorado.   Once per week a steam powered train passes through the tunnels.  It takes three days to hike to the perfect spot.

This idiot is everywhere except where he should be.

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